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Delivering state-of-the art products and services which produce consistently superior results for our dealer partners. Our clients receive quality programs that expand their services and improve their profitability.
  • Vehicle Service Contracts

    Vehicle Service Contracts

      Your vehicle is one of the largest single investments that you make. Maintaining your vehicle is key to maximizing that investment. ADS offers vehicle service contracts that eliminate worry on post-purchase repairs.

  • GAP Insurance

    GAP Insurance

      When a vehicle is purchased with little or no money down, the amount of the loan can exceed the value of the vehicle. If a loss occurs, GAP insurance pays the difference between the actual cash value and the amount of the loan.

  • Best in Business Ancillary Products

    Best in Business Ancillary Products

      This includes Unlimited Tire & Wheel Repair/Replacement, Key Replacement, Unlimited Paintless Dent Repair, Repair or Replace options for Windshields, Interior & Exterior Environmental Protection.

  • Credit Insurance

    Credit Insurance

      Auto credit insurance is a type of insurance policy that you can take to cover up for an auto credit facility that you have taken, against the event that you are unable to meet up with repayment. Securing an insurance policy against an auto credit loan that you have taken is highly recommended to protect against life's uncertainties.

  • F&I

    Financial & Insurance Income Developement

      This offers full Comprehensive F&I Sales, Menu, & Compliance Training ensuring maximum profit & Dealer protection.

ADS Management Group provides Dealership Development and Finance and Insurance (F&I) products and services to automobile dealerships throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. We focus on developing long-term relationships that benefit our dealer partners. Our goal is to provide the utmost in customer service as we provide financial and insurance products that are a key component to increasing our dealer partners' bottom lines.

At ADS, we believe that trust is the key to long-term business success. That is why we offer only products and services from leading companies in the industry. We do more than broker products, we also manage the relationship between the dealers and their insurance underwriters and administrators.

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Community Affiliations

ADS Management Group is proud to support some great local community organizations. We work with Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Childfund International, Disabled American Veterans, Life Rolls on Foundation, Operation SmileUSO, and Wounded Warrior Project.

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Service Providers

ADS Management Group is proud to work with the following service providers.

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