ADS Management Group provides Dealership Development and Finance and Insurance (F&I) products and services to automobile dealerships throughout the Mid-Atlanitc region of the United States.  We focus on developing long-term relationships that benefit our dealer partners.  Our goal is to provide the utmost in customer service as we provide financial and insurance products that are a key component to increasing our dealer partners' bottom lines.

At ADS, we believe that trust is the key to long-term business success.  That is why we offer only products and services from leading companies in the industry.  We do more than broker products, we also manage the relationship between the dealers and their insurance underwriters and administrators.

cfarrishrwebeditfinalCarl Farris
Managing Partner
s_menningerSteve Menninger
Managing Partner
DD20after20editDavid Dickens
Vice President
s_stanleySteve Stanley
Director, F & I Development
kculpepperwebeditfinalKaren Culpeper
Director of Sales & Business Development
Denise20after20editDenise Farris
Director of Operations
dcopelandwebeditfinalDeborah Copeland
Director of Sales Northeast
pcornettwebeditfinalPeggy Cornett
sspicerwebeditfinalShane Spicer
District Manager
j_huneycuttJody Huneycutt
District Manager
mdickenswebeditfinalMarvin Dickens
District Manager
J ZappaJeremy Zappas
District Manager
taylor20editTaylor Hyatt
F&I Development Manager
mfarris20editMaggie Farris
District Manager
mikecressmanwebeditfinalMike Cressman
F&I Development Manager
bobbyBobby Archambault
Dealer Advantage Founder