Vehicle service contracts are designed to protect consumers against unexpected, costly repairs to their vehicle. A vehicle service contract can be purchased to cover the costs associated with vehicle repair, including parts, labor, and/or sales tax, for certain repairs or replacements that may be required after a manufacturer's warranty expires. Our vehicle service contract insurance product is provided through:


When a vehicle is purchased with little or no money down, the amount of the loan can exceed the value of the vehicle.  If a loss occurs, GAP insurance pays the difference between the actual cash value and the amount of the loan.  Our GAP insurance product is provided through:


Road hazzards such as debris and potholes can severely damage your vehicle's tires and wheels.  Our insurance products help protect our clients from large maintenance expenses caused by unavoidable driving circumstances.


Paintless Dent Repair is the process of removing small dents and dings from a vehicle's painted panels by carefully massaging the damaged area. By using special techniques and tools, repairers are able to remove the dent without impacting the painted surface.

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Today's vehicle keys are complex and expensive to replace. Many keys and key fobs require programming and technical support making a replacement expensive. We offer coverage for the replacement of factory keyless entry remotes, key fobs and programming services.

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Auto credit insurance is a type of insurance policy that you can take to cover up for an auto credit facility that you have taken, against the event that you are unable to meet up with repayment. Securing an insurance policy against an auto credit loan that you have taken is highly recommended to protect against life's uncertainties.

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Environmental protection offers you offers coverage on environmental elements plus hard water spotting, road de-icing agents, paint overspray and aerosol spray paint. Our environmental protection insurance product is provided through:


With window protect, you can repair or replace a cracked or damaged windows and windshields. Saves on having to pay a costly window deductible. Our window protection product is provided through:


Tracking and Menu Systems leverage the latest technology to create safe, secure connection points between Insurance Administrators and their Automobile Dealer, Bank and Credit Union clients. The result is a multi-functional suite of applications that are an ideal solution for administrators seeking total enterprise integration.


ADS is proud to sponsor & host a comprehensive 5 day F&I School bi-monthly.


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Our Philosophy

At ADS, we believe that trust is the key to long-term business success. That is why we offer only products and services from leading companies in the industry. We do more than broker products, we also manage the relationship between the dealer and its insurance underwriters and administrators. We also believe that success starts with community involvement. That is why we actively support a number of local and national organizations.